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                                 How to Join MOPH National

You must be on active duty or have an honorable discharge and provide proof of the Purple Heart Medal award.   DD-214 or equivalent documentation should be submitted with the application for membership.


Lifetime membership is $200.00.  You can pay MOPH National  for membership via credit card or check if you submit membership application direct to:


                                                 MOPH Headquarters

                                                413-B Backlick Road

                                                Springfield, VA 22150

​             Best Way to Join MOPH National & Chapter 817


For personnel that would prefer to join Chapter 817, the chapter wil pay $50 and the member only pay $30 towards  an $80 Applicatipn Fee.  this leaves a balance of $120 which will be paid by the new member at $10 a month for one year.

For questions or comments, call Don Kellum at (803) 469-8407

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