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Sumter, SC Chapter History


Sumter's Purple Heart Chapter was initially established  in 2012 by the National Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH) as Chapter 817 of Sumter , SC.  However, in January 2014, the chapter was re-chartered by the National MOPH as the General George L. Mabry, Jr. Chapter 817 to honor General Mabry, a World War II hero and Medal of Honor Recipient from Sumter.  Since its establishment, the chapter has supported MOPH Department of South Carolina programs, Sumter County Veterans Association activities, and other functions conducted by the Sumter community. 


The chapter consists of about 25 members that meet on the third Thursday of each month.  Current meeting location is at the Americn Legion Post 15 located at 34 South Artillery Drive next to the Sumter County Fair Grounds.  The chapter participates in approximately three parades per year, attends all patriotic functions such as Memorial Day and Veterans Day, conducts fund drives as required, assists needy veterans in the Sumter community, promotes favorable publicity such as arranging for a Purple Heart Day Proclamation with Mayor, and promoting publicity for patriotic events that include participation by chapter members.


Chapter 817 Mission


Foster an environment of goodwill and camaraderie among combat wounded veterans, promote patriotism, support veteran's initiatives in the Sumter community, and most importantly, provide service and support to veterans and their families.


National MOPH History


The National Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH), begun in 1932 and chartered by Congress in 1958, is composed of military men and women who received the Purple Heart Medal for wounds suffered in combat.  Although our membership is restricted to the combat wounded, MOPH provides support to all veterans, has scholarship programs for members and their families, maintains continuous liaison with members of Congress on key issues related to veterans, publishes The Purple Heart Magazine, and hosts a myriad of activities at the local level by its Chapters throughout the country.  


There are four separate parts of the Purple Heart Organization, each of which operates as an independant entity as described below.


     Purple Heart Membership.  MOPH Membership is the fraternal arm of the Order and is organized into Regions, Departments, and Chapters that execute programs across the country.


     National Service Program.  This Program provides direct tailored assistance to MOPH members and all other veterans in matters involving the Veterans Administration (VA). Using a network of National Service Officers (NSO), usually collocated with a VA facility, the Service Program is the primary organization that provides MOPH interface with our nation’s veterans.


     Ladies Auxiliary.  The Ladies Auxiliary, with its own membership and administration, works closely with their local MOPH Chapters in assisting, comforting, and aiding distressed veterans and their families.


      Purple Heart Service Foundation.  The MOPH Service Foundation has the critical mission of raising funds to support the wide ranging programs and activities of the Order, particularly the National Service Program and its liaison activities with Congress. The Foundation, on its own, offers unique training programs to facilitate veterans’ transitioning from active duty to civilian life. Two fund raising operations of the Service Foundation are highly visible to the public – the collection of household items and car donations – sometimes masking its vital role in the overall success of MOPH.



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